Blind Strike

{July 25, 2008}   An Immodest Proposal

The girl was hard-trodden. Her path had led her across continents and oceans. She had fought her way through skyscraper forests, sheltered in flamenco caves, and sojourned under the wing of a dragon. The boy was heart-weary with waiting for the girl to settle her feet, for the flames inside her to yield to the fire between them. He did not know that up in the icy ranges of the north it had already happened. Each day they spent apart the girl became more sure that while she could live without him, she really preferred not to. She cradled her intention, named it, and put it away, waiting for a sign.

It came on a winter evening. The boy and girl sat together on a bench between worlds, surrounded by red and pink chamelia and purple trumpet vine. The bird bath perched under the maytens in a sea of ground cover, and climbing rose stretched on the lattice above. The girl saw her saint-guarded childhood window, shut with drapes drawn, and as she looked up at the boy she felt her love for him like a warm mist all around her. She brought her intention out from hiding and showed it to him.

Mikey, she said, you make me so happy,

Mikey, I want to be with you always,

Mikey, will you marry me?

She watched the words transform him, surprise and, unmistakably, joy radiating like moonlight from his blue eyes as he turned and smiled. He had chased her to the ends of the earth, sacrificed countless desires to be with her once more, and always she had found new ways to run. But now, he could see, as he caressed her hand and searched her face, the chase was finally over.


orion2007 says:

Cool! 🙂

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