Blind Strike

{August 9, 2007}   Follow up: Sending Water to Troops

Update from Anne Caston on the situation sending liquid to aid U.S. troops: 

“Hello everyone,

I want to thank all of you who responded directly, who offered to write letters, make phone calls, offered prayers; I appreciate you so much.  I also appreciate those of you who put the word out there on your blogs and got others involved.  It seems to be making a difference.  The local post office here in Southern Maryland has agreed to allow us to ship cases of water to specific units/soldiers stationed in Baghdad so long as the cases are wrapped and the seals on the bottles aren’t opened!  Hurrah!!!  So Ian & I are off to the local grocers to stock up on, and send out tomorrow, as many cases of H2O we can afford to buy and ship.  And word from the local US Post Office is that, while the decision to ship water rests squarely with the individual post offices, that most of them will be amenable to it if you follow the conditions about unbroken seals and non-carbonated water.

If you know soldiers in the region and have addresses for them, please send bottles of water (non-carbonated!) to their APO addresses.  If you want to send water but don’t know a soldier, you can send the troops drinking water in care of my son (address below) and he’ll be so happy to hand them out to his comrades and patients.  Again, thank you and bless you all.  This is one time when I fervently hope the old adage about “reaping what you sow” is more than a truism: if so, you all are gonna have an amazing harvest!

All good things to each of you,

Anne Caston

SFC Matthew D. Osborne

603rd ASD, HSC, CAB 43414

APO  AE  09322-3414″


isn’t there a way to make the water safe to drink? like sending tablets or filters over instead???????

sending over bottles of water well lets see bottled water often comes from impovrished communities, is bottled in plastic(oil), incredibly expensive(2/gallon or more) and expensive to ship. then what will they do with all of those plastic bottles? what are the Iraqui people that we are suppose to be “freeing” drinking??


bless everyones soul in this round and round world…………

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