Blind Strike

{July 5, 2007}   Link to article

Follow this link to read my first publication:

TEXT is a pedagogical journal from Australia, where creative writing programs sprang up later than they did in the United States, and have more of a symbiotic relationship with English departments and critical theory than does our New Critically-influenced MFA tradition, where creative writing pedagogy is historically defined in opposition to the critical project. [For more depth on this subject, read Creative Writing and the New Humanities by Paul Dawson.] TEXT was were therefore a great match for this article, a piece of comparative literature working at the intersection of feminism and postcolonialism (engaging feminism tacitly, through its investigation of the patriarchal pejorative “sentimental”) which turns sociological insights gleaned from the application of critical theory to William Heyen’s Crazy Horse in Stillness onto aspects of creative writing pedagogy in the United States. The article should be up through October at least.


Enjoying the topic and depth, especially the difference between guilt and empowerment as well as the examination of symptoms/psychology parallel to the spiritual dimensions. Nicely done. Thank you for posting. And Congratulations are in order. Cheers!

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