Blind Strike

{July 1, 2007}  

Did you ever feel like your mouth opening was some kind of signal for people to ignore you? Or like you are the only person on the planet who knows how to put a roll of toilet paper ONTO the roller? I have, and I know I’m being oversensitive, that it shouldn’t bother me etc., but how do they always know when you’re vulnerable, these nasty shark people, when a simple aversion of the eyes can make you want to run to the bathroom where there will surely be no toilet paper so you’d better not pee, or if you do drip-dry that inevitable drop will roll down your leg like a tear?


hidingkayak says:


Tip: you have to blow down there. just kidding. oh god i’ve so been where you are talking about, sharks, and bathroom crisis and the everything. your writing has a very satisfying edge, well i guess I’m learning about the “Blind Strike”!

Look forward to more,


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