Blind Strike

{June 27, 2007}   Time Out

Time out should mean coming back refreshed but today after sitting beside a waterfall reading The Wizard of Earthsea looking out on the mudflats that rise when the tide is low, after feeling that cool wind and the melt running through my fingers I am only greedy for more, more outside-in-my-body rambling. Sun warmed my skin out there at McKugh Creek and I lay against the rock hoping ants wouldn’t find their way into my low-riders but not really caring and I had to think about the ones who weren’t there with me, and for a moment after months of loneliness I wanted that solitude. I didn’t miss a soul.


sounds beautiful, and a great setting to read that book…one of my favorites.

Rick says:

We have a bay here, too (Arcata, California). I never can decide which I like best: the bay when it’s full and choppy from winds off the Pacific; or the bay when it’s empty and muddy, a riot of long-billed shore-birds. Sometimes I think it’s the bay filling up I like best, in the same way knowing the moon is getting full is more thrilling than the sight of the moon declared “full.”

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