Blind Strike

{June 21, 2007}   cappucino with room

i bought her a cappucino

this morning that stretched from three years back

the sun closer now than any other day of the year,

a cappucino with room and as she sipped it, she opened up in that way

i’d been waiting for, the fuck-it-what-good-is-arm’s-length

way i’d about given up on. i listened. who had changed?

but no matter, because here was goodbye and another would-be

friend was taking her last chance to crack open,

like a crevass,

and i glimpsed the depth of translucent azure

as she shared her uncertainties, misgivings, and hopes,

glaciers retreated, meanwhile, all around

the kenai peninsula, prince william sound,

the turnagain turnagain turnagain arm,

glaciers with names like portage, and exit 

let fall hundred-foot faces of ice into sea.


Shir-yah says:

aaaah, delightful, a solstice poem. i love the motion of this poem, the liquids and solids… I love the phrase “another would-be / friend was taking her last chance to crack open.” the imagery is lovely and delicate, but fierce (my favorite combination). In 97 I spent the solstice in the glaciers and fjords of norway, and you have made me think of that, and all those uncertainties, misgivings and hopes and plates of ice melting, and how that unloosed a whole series of larger consequence..

hidingkayak says:

I really dig the parallel transformations, the hesistation and attitude, the poem has a strong voice I also enjoyed the rolling geographies.

Thank you for sharing!!!


hidingkayak says:

i like the repetition of “turnagain”…
other thoughts:
turnagain slant rhymes with tourniquet..

tourniquet tourniquet tourniquet arm

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