Blind Strike

{June 27, 2007}   Time Out

Time out should mean coming back refreshed but today after sitting beside a waterfall reading The Wizard of Earthsea looking out on the mudflats that rise when the tide is low, after feeling that cool wind and the melt running through my fingers I am only greedy for more, more outside-in-my-body rambling. Sun warmed my skin out there at McKugh Creek and I lay against the rock hoping ants wouldn’t find their way into my low-riders but not really caring and I had to think about the ones who weren’t there with me, and for a moment after months of loneliness I wanted that solitude. I didn’t miss a soul.


{June 21, 2007}   cappucino with room

i bought her a cappucino

this morning that stretched from three years back

the sun closer now than any other day of the year,

a cappucino with room and as she sipped it, she opened up in that way

i’d been waiting for, the fuck-it-what-good-is-arm’s-length

way i’d about given up on. i listened. who had changed?

but no matter, because here was goodbye and another would-be

friend was taking her last chance to crack open,

like a crevass,

and i glimpsed the depth of translucent azure

as she shared her uncertainties, misgivings, and hopes,

glaciers retreated, meanwhile, all around

the kenai peninsula, prince william sound,

the turnagain turnagain turnagain arm,

glaciers with names like portage, and exit 

let fall hundred-foot faces of ice into sea.

{June 19, 2007}   Sunset on the bluff

I had hoped I would be self-motivated enough to post before Quintan cracked the whip over my shoulders, but in my heart I knew, here I am having just graduated from the most harrowing of MFA programs, it’s summer in Alaska, and I am just lazy. I spent my evening on a bluff overlooking the Turnagain Arm. My friend Andrew drove us out there in his RV for a hippie jam with didjeridoo, flutes, and drums. The sun hit the horizon around midnight, the sky was an amazing purple-pink, we seranaded a moose cow and her calf…it’s hard to make time to be online when I’m busy having the best summer of my life. But hey, I think I’m starting to get the hang of this. 

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